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Read to sense the doubling of time
Content Curation, Publication, Editorial, Exhibition

Design and development w/
Members of “Lazy Machine” publication strand, Matthew Stuart

Designed and printed in a week as a studio project, “One may, if necessary, read the newspaper while eating or read to sense the doubling of time” was a publication that centred on and discussed reading. Gathering writings and theory from the likes of Virginia Woolf, Quinn Latimer, Gerard Unger, Roland Barthes and Moyra Davey the read-only publication is to be distributed to book shops all over the world.

During this project I worked on the editorial team responsible for reading, collating and ordering all texts. We collaborated closely with the design team discussing what layouts and typesetting conventions should be applied to each reading. I also assisted with the printing of the fifty copies, components of which contained a letterpressed cover and risograph dust jacket, and wider aspects of editorial design such as proof reading and file preparation. This culminated in a designed launch exhibition and receiving of our own copy of the text.










    244 pgs, 285mm x 210mm, Softcover