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Miracle Among the Rubble
Content Curation, Publication, Editorial, Exhibition

Design and development w/
Izzi Kelly, Sami Williamson, Olivia Chapman

This publication works with archived material contained within the Bishopsgate Institute’s Temple of Mithras Oral History Project. The archive documents the archaeological excavation of the Roman Temple of Mithras discovered in London in 1954 through a series of interviews and supplementary materials.

These notions of archaeology and mysticism built on our exploration on the subject of archives and the practice of archiving. The collection provided us with the opportunity to explore and interpret oral history which became a theme of our project.

Set alongside imagery, poetry and newspaper clippings from the archive our transcript was Introduced with essays on the subject of archiving and oral history and photography.









   64 pgs, 212mm x 130mm, Softcover