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Floating World
Print, Blender, GAN

Inspired by a compositional categorisation of the Van Gogh museums' Japanese woodblock print collection. this is an ongoing project exploring the the history, reproducibility and shareability of image within the medium

I was interested in realising the analogue-rich process of making an Ukiyo-e woodblock print in a digital environment. I thought back to how whilst the print produced a flat image, the woodblock used to make it would have been hand carved and extremely finely textured.

I played with this visual using online generators and the 3D computer graphics software blender. Whilst seeing how different types of print reacted with this process I was reminded of topographic maps. These smooth tall curves began to look like the style of landscapes depicted in the prints themselves. I then re-translated my digital renders back into print using a laser cutter to engrave multiple woodblocks then establishing a printing system to layer the key blocks and areas of colour. 










︎︎︎ Woodblock print series, 130 x 190mm, 120 GSM Awagami Washi

︎︎︎ Woodblock print 3D renders translations
     Utagawa Kuniyoshi,  Tammeijiro Genshogo,  ca. 1823
     Utagawa Hiroshige, Object: No 11 Hakone, kosui zu 箱根湖水圖 (Hakone: Picture of the Lake), ca. 1833