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‘Patience After Sebald’ Re-translation
Publication, Web

Exhibtion Design and development w/
Ruby Betts, Guy Burgess, Beth Kellaghan Mcgurk

This publication was a translation of the essay film “Patience After Sebald” by Grant Gee. His film features artists and writers such as Tacita Dean and Robert Macfarlane, some people whose work I really enjoy, talking about the themes of the book and the impact of the author who died shortly after writing “The Rings of Saturn”. This led me to the source material of the film - the book, just as much as the essay film itself. As such I started reading the “Rings of Saturn” and interrogated the graphic systems of its various editions. This led to a multi-layered communication going from book to film to book again whilst commenting on the novel’s publishing history and shortcomings of the film.

This was then exhibited alongside publications by Guy Burgess, Ruby Betts and Beth Kellaghan Mcgurk in a cargo site that we designed to establish the physical and conceptual links between our work. We wanted to preserve the scale of the objects in relation to each other.









88 pgs, 195mm x 130mm, Softcover

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