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Design and development w/
Guy Burgess, Tom Butler, Josef Murmann

“Re-Cipher explores the interaction of text, and image. The tool serves as a conceptual and graphic combination of early computer art of the 60s and manuscript archives as found in the V&A’s collection. We invite users to experiment with image making and literary composition.
“The pursuit of visual coherence in the right column will often lead to textual abstraction in
the left, and vice versa.”

Created using P5.JS in this group project we created a custom tool for the V&A archivist and curator Douglas Dodds and sent it to him to establish a dialogue. We drew on his curatorial work within the V&A looking at the computer art collection and the projects “Deciphering Dickens” and his recent digitisation of the manuscript collection. Every symbol on a computer keyboard is represented by an abstracted icon with kerning settings meaning that strings of letters and spaces form on a connected line. The websites changing background colours are derived from a distillation of the colours of the manuscripts found in the V&A’s digitised collection.









Re-Cipher can be viewed here, created using P5.JS