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Forking Paths
Content Curation, Editorial, Publication  
Systems Approach, AI
Inspired by the theory of Umberto Eco and Jorge Luis Borges this publication system explored tangential connections between technology, design and fictional narratives. I devised a system by which a user can generate a print on demand publication from a digital index of texts.

The reader would set the conditions of how many texts you read and in what sequence they are positioned. As part of this, texts range from essays to poetry, prose, interviews and transcripts. When printed the 1:1 scale of the original excerpt is preserved, the publication size being derived by the average size of all texts. This is guided by outputs from the AI software “Talk to Transformer” which introduces each text drawing on the written language of the previous and ongoing text.









54 pgs, 205mm x 160mm, Softcover
34 pgs, 220mm x 180mm, Softcover